Wellbeing is not one size fits all. Each organization has a unique culture—that’s why our first step in building a healthy culture is conducting focus groups to determine specific organizational needs.

Personalized support applies to the organization as well as the individual. Employees choose from a variety of wellness resources for their situation, from physical and emotional to career wellbeing and beyond. Our approach in mental and physical health allows individuals easy access to wellbeing challenges and tools to guide them and track progress, no matter where they are in their personal journey.

PerformSTRONG©consulting services:

  • Focus Groups
  • Wellbeing Strategic Blueprint
  • Implement PerformSTRONG© Model
  • Communication strategy
  • Training wellbeing programs
  • Onsite lunch-and-learns
  • Valuable wellbeing tools, tips, idea sharing
  • Volunteer community activities
  • Employee wellbeing experiences, challenges- Champion wellbeing support
  • Measuring results, tracking progress
Consulting Packages


Education is an important part of building a healthy, high-performing culture. Our PerformSTRONG© training revolves around The Wellbeing Core Five. Training programs and coaching can be tailored to the organization from one to four hours in whole employee health and wellbeing, as follows:

PerformSTRONG© Training Programs:

Management, Leadership Wellbeing

  • Next-Gen Work Culture: Gallup’s top YP drivers of performance.
  • Empowering Growth: Helping employees use their strengths and thrive.
  • Implementing Organizational Wellbeing: Applying the wellbeing core five.
  • Creating Focus Groups to Uncover Wellbeing Needs: Essential step.

Employee Wellbeing

  • New Healthy Challenges. Find what’s right for you—mind and body.
  • Creating Balance in Your Life: Feel more balanced, energetic and engaged.
  • Empowering Growth: Use your powerful strengths for greater meaning, purpose and satisfaction.
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Our PerformSTRONG© Group of expert partners are specially selected to support organizations in The Wellbeing Core Five areas, which include:

Physical health involving biometric screening, nutrition and fitness.

Career and intellectual growth via mini training programs.

Social and emotional wellbeing providing financial management, employee assistance programs (EAP) and E-coaching.

Tracking progress and rewards for activities in all wellbeing areas is easy using Go365, a best-in-class online full-scale digital portal. Wearable devices, compatible apps and snapshots of completed actions connect on the go to earn points displayed on a personalized dashboard using cell or screen.

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