Is Your Workplace Healthy?Free Assessment

A healthy workplace is a game changer to improve:

  • Engagement, productivity and retention

  • Health, absenteeism and healthcare costs

Employees today value a healthy lifestyle.
49% consider leaving an employer who does not support their wellbeing - Business World, 2017

The next generation work culture requires new healthy solutions.
Values are shifting for employees from external rewards—Money, power, promotion…to a greater emphasis on internal rewards—Purpose, meaning, growth, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle.

Spread wellbeing in your workplace and grow a healthy bottom line!

The PerformSTRONG© Group is dedicated to workplace health and wellbeing. We provide consulting, training and essential resources to help organizations build a healthy, high-performing environment.

The PerformSTRONG© Group focuses on physical AND mental health supporting wholeness as the new wellness.

Our PerformSTRONG© model develops the whole person in five critical areas based on research by Gallup and the National Wellness Institute. Our model promotes The Wellbeing Core Five, empowering employees to grow: PerformSTRONG

  1. Intellectually Strong
  2. Occupationally Strong
  3. Socially Strong
  4. Emotionally Strong
  5. Physically Strong

Story: Sunny K. Lurie, PhD. is CEO of Advanced Performance, Inc. and the PerformSTRONG© Group.

Our team helps build healthy, happy, high-performing work cultures. For over 15 years I have worked with small to large size organizations and 7000+ employees and managers to improve performance results. Prior to my company, I completed a doctorate in organizational behavior and research in organizational change; and I led employee development and management training at Key Bank.

I believe true engagement comes when people feel good and have a sense of purpose. We each have so much potential for a meaningful career. However, far too many employees are unhappy at work or struggling to perform. That’s why I wrote a book about creating a fulfilling career and have become passionate about building vibrant and caring workplaces where people can be their best. My goal is to help organizations empower employees to perform strong every day.